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Evelyn Lozada Show Off Banging Post Baby Body

Evelyn Lozada has the magic potion for a females to get their body back in shape after having a child, because it’s been just three months since she has given birth to her son Carl Crawford Jr.

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The Basketball Wives star posted a photo of post baby body on Instagram and all her fans have been talking.

Evelyn Lozada baby boy

The pic show Lozada getting her workout on in the gym. The 38-year-old reality TV star took on the 60-day YouthH20 fit challenge and it paid off big time.

Evelyn Lozada is engaged to baseball star Carl Crawford.



  1. Evelyn needs to hold her child properly, is it safe for his head to be hanging all the way back like that? For her to suggest that she is gets her results from diet,supplements and exercise is ridiculous, the poor suckers that buy her products not knowing any better.. I think that This woman is so fake, shifty and a número uno con artist . Based on her recent comments in the press, it seems that she hasn’t changed and is the same attention seeking lunatic that she’s always been.