New Photo Shows Vybz Kartel Laughing And Sweating After Murder Acquittal

Vybz Kartel was all smiles or should we say laughing ‘ha ha awoh’ after leaving court in July when he was acquitted of his first murder charge.

Perhaps inside the courtroom was very hot or maybe its nervous sweat, but as you can see the self proclaim Worl’Boss was soaking wet leaving court.

Kartel couldn’t contain his excitement and from the look on the cops faces they were very angry that he won the case.

EXCLUSIVE Prosecutors Could Drop Vybz Kartel Second Murder, Case Falling Apart

The “Cake Soap” deejay could find himself smiling again at the end of his second murder trial later this month.

Urban Islandz exclusively reported earlier today that Jamaican authorities are considering dropping the case.


  1. Y’all are calling him Boss, Worl’ boss, di techa’ etc. Granted this is what he dubbed himself, but do you really follow a self-loathing clown like this? He bleaches his skin, wears hair extensions and constantly talks about how good he looks etc. Jamaica, if this was anyone else you would be calling him all types of names… Why does he get the pass? Ahh I know, its because you are hypocrites!

  2. I like the article alot BUT!! i think somebody should have edited it… it needs alot of work. good effort though

  3. isn’t this picture from one of his first court appearances from when he was arrested and was seeking bail?

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      • Why do the opinions of others, that don’t echo yours, automatically have to be “Badminded”? Y’all overuse that word! Its sad. A chick is wearing something that is clearly too small for her, I say something to that effect and I’m badminded. A man comes inna dance and has pants that are blindingly hideous, I say something, and i’m badminded. All in all, I feel its the ones that call ppl out for being badminded are experts on the topic as they are equally if not 10X more badminded then the rest.