VIDEO: UTECH Guards Brutally Beating Gay Man In Jamaica

Yesterday a video surfaced on YouTube showing a gang of security guards at the University of Technology UTECH in Jamaica brutally beating a gay man in a classroom.

The video sent social media sites Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy.

The student seen in the video was caught in a bathroom with another man in a very compromised position. The other man escaped the wrath of the mob and the guards but this one wasn’t so lucky.

The video shows the guards draping, kicking and punching the man while shouting gay slurs. Luckily for this guy, they shielded him from an angry mob waiting outside.

“Send dem out security, unuh alone waan have fun a beat dem,” one onlooker shouted.

Today Urban Islandz learned that the University administration is in damage control.

According to reports, Marksman Limited, the security company that employed the guards, has fired all the officers involved in the fiasco.

“The security officers acted outside the scope of their duties,” Marksman said in a statement. “The actions of the security guards are not in keeping with Marksman Limited’s contractual arrangements and on-going mandate to protect and secure life and property.”

The National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYC) has also issued a statement condemning the incident.

“All forms of abuse must be soundly condemned regardless of an individual sexual orientation. We must be resolute in championing the rights of every single Jamaican,” the NYC said in the statement.

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