Balling: Rihanna Drop £215k On Girly Yacht [Photo]

If you work as hard as Rihanna, you would play equally hard.

RiRi reportedly forked out £200K hiring a yacht last week for her and her pals.

After flying to south of France last Monday, Rihanna has spent the last five days on a no-expense-spared trip to St Tropez, Cannes and Italy’s Portofino and Sardinia.

Rihanna spends around £3K a day on Champagne and meals out for her and her mates. She’s also been tipping crew and waiters around 100 euros a time.

A source said: “The crew ordered the maximum amount of Laurent-Perrier Champagne they thought a few girls could down in a week, but they drank it all in just over a day.

“By midday on Monday they had sunk 12 bottles. On their nights out they ordered Moët & Chandon Champagne, Grey Goose vodka and Red Bull, each bill going into thousands.”