Skylar Diggins Denies Rated-R Photo Is Of Her [Photo]

Skylar Diggins, the sophomore guard who this month led the Notre Dame women’s basketball team to victory over Connecticut, experienced the first media gossip of her career with the release of an alleged XXX photo.

The alleged photo of someone with striking resemblance to Diggins landed online Friday (April 15th).

Diggins denied the photo was taken of her.

In four successive tweets Friday night and early Saturday morning, she addressed the photo:

“Gotta clear this up. I dnt knw wht pic is going around, but tht is NOT ME. Idk who is going around trying to defame my character,but its sad

“The people that know me and love me know that I would never handle myself in such a careless and classless manner.

“I can truly say I am hurt by this…I dnt believe how someone could attempt to ruin my name but being untrue. I am stronger than this though

“I will not run away and hide. There is no reason to…..goodnight and I will be back to continue my thoughts and tweet regularly tomorrow…” (Skylats Diggins Twitter)

Diggins is one of the most popular women’s basketball players on Twitter, after Her followers grew from less than 4,000 to 100,000 as her Twitter relationship with Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi) gained attention.