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Young Thug Denies Giving Police Info About Murder, Defense Motion To Suppress Evidence

Young Thug's lawyer files a motion to dismiss evidence that the rapper allegedly gave a detective information about a murder

Young Thug
Young Thug in Court / YouTube

Defense attorneys for the rapper, Young Thug, have filed a motion to have evidence that is possibly incriminating to the rapper suppressed ahead of his ongoing racketeering trial.

A new motion shows that the rapper wants to have suppressed evidence from a detective in which he reportedly gave cops information on a separate murder.

Since Gunna and other others took plea deals in the YSL trial, there has been much talk about whether the accepting of the deals amounts to “snitching,” and the new application has raised eyebrows as to whether Thug really cooperated with police by giving them information.

However, the rapper’s motion says that prosecutors have falsely claimed that he cooperated with police. According to the motion, prosecutors say that the rapper was detained by police and placed in the back of a car when he gave information about a murder to Detective Quinn.

According to Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, the claim is false.

“The prosecution and some of its witnesses, including, but not limited to, Detective Quinn, may wrongly state that Mr. Jeffery Williams was in the back of their police car at some point and gave information on a Murder case. Same is untrue,” the motion said, according to Allhiphop.

“Mr. Williams is innocent of any and all charges [in] the above-referenced Indictment,” it added.

The attorney based his application on the fact that the evidence is irrelevant per Evidence rules, that the information is not accurate, and that it places Mr. Williams’s character at issue.

The motion does admit that “supposedly Mr. Williams was a very young man at the time of this supposed interaction with law enforcement.”

In the meantime, the YSL trial is ongoing with jury selection. Young Thug also appears to be taking the trial in stride as he released his first album since 2021, Business Is Business, last week.