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Jack Harlow’s DJ Indicted For Murder After Deadly Nightclub Shooting In Louisville

Jack Harlow’s DJ is facing murder charges in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ronnie Tyshon O’Bannon, Jack Harlow’s producer and DJ, was formally charged for the fatal shooting of Kasmira Nash on Tuesday (May 11). The shooting took place at a Louisville nightclub earlier this month. According to reports, there was initially a warrant out for O’Bannon’s arrest, but he has since turned himself in and now has a bond set at $500,000, according to the Courier Journal. He is, however, yet to be booked into the Louisville Metro Corrections Center.

The shooting of the 37-year-old bartender happened on May 1 at Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge. Jack Harlow, who was visiting his hometown for the Kentucky Derby, was celebrating the annual event at the lounge. A woman and man reportedly began arguing, and gunfire soon erupted. In a video seen on social media, Jack Harlow is seen fleeing the scene along with the rest of the dispersing crowd.

Police initially said one woman was killed, and an injured man rushed to the hospital. Recent developments identified the deceased as Kasmira Nash, and now O’Bannon, who is better known as Ronnie Lucciano, has been indicted for her murder. Meanwhile, Jack Harlow has remained mum on social media since the tragic incident. On the day of the Kentucky Derby, he posted on Instagram to commemorate the occasion but has yet to address the events that took place later that night.

O’Bannon’s attorney Rob Eggert believes his client will be found innocent despite facing charges for murder and tampering with physical evidence. “Despite the negative portrayal on social media, Ronnie O’Bannon is an excellent person,” Eggert said. “He has worked for years with Jack Harlow and is a prominent DJ in his own right. I’m confident he’ll be exonerated at trial.” The accused is scheduled to appear in court on May 17.