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Amber Rose Says 21 Savage Holding “I’m A Hoe Too” Sign At SlutWalk Caused Breakup

Amber Rose says her relationship with 21 Savage was over from the moment he held up that “I’m A Hoe Too” sign at her SlutWalk back in 2017.

Amber Rose can pinpoint the moment when she and 21 Savage’s relationship began to deteriorate. The model has been a vocal advocate for women who have been labeled and condemned based on their sexual behavior, and five years ago proudly led the SlutWalk in Los Angeles. The march calls for an end to rape culture, including victim blaming and slut-shaming of sexual assault victims. Amber herself has experienced incidents of slut-shaming from as early as 14-years-old and feels a personal affiliation towards the plight.

In 2017, she took part in that year’s march and recalls how her boyfriend at the time, Savage, held up a sign which came across as disrespectful. “I think that he was being very supportive and he was like, ‘Man I should hold a sign that says, ‘I’m a hoe too!” And I was like, ‘That would be really great for feminism! Slut Walk, you know you’re a rapper and Black men are always looked at to be very hyper-masculine and I think this would be a great moment.’ And he was like, ‘Yo, I’m down!’” Amber said during her interview on No Jumper.

“So I got the sign made and everything and he held it up and then after that, I think the internet just went in on him too much and it just wasn’t good after that,” she added. “The Loveline host called it the demise of their relationship that ran from the summer of 2017 until March the following year.

Amber also spoke about another of her famous exes during the podcast, claiming that Kanye West has been bullying her for the last decade since they split in 2010.

Following their split in 2018, Amber Rose expressed her love for 21 Savage as she asked him to take her back. “I don’t care who you see me in a picture with or who the Internet associates me with because The Internet is fake af and they pull stories out of their asses for click bait,” Rose wrote. “It’s the price of fame I guess but it’s not real life because in real life Shayaa is my heart and soul. He’s the only one that has ever supported my Slutwalk and my feminist views with no f**ks given.