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Did Rihanna Curse Out Gay Fan On Instagram ?

Rihanna is busy celebrating her 26th birthday at a secluded cottage in Aspen. But she has been keeping her fans on Instagram updated on her every move.

But the Bajan pop star is receiving some bad press today after one of her gay fans on Instagram says she told him that he is going to hell. That’s after he commented on one of her photos that she is going to hell.

“Rihanna u going to hell girl,” the fan wrote.

Rihanna snapped back saying “Arnt you gay? … Nuff said blah!”

Here is a screen shot of the incident.

Rihanna fan gay instagram

The fan has now backtrack the post on his Instagram page saying the screenshot was bogus and that he is sorry for the trouble he caused Rihanna.

The problem is the damages has already been done since a lot of media houses has already ran with the story.

This is what he posted on Instagram afterwards.

Instagram rihanna