Girl Bust It Open With Block In Her Face In A Dancehall Session

Getting a good wine in a dancehall session these days might be harder than winning the lottery.

Every year dancehall sessions get crazier and crazier not just in Jamaica but worldwide.

Last month we show you a photo of a female with her head twist all the way around while doing some crazy dance.

You can see that photo via below link.

PHOTO: Why This Dancehall Photo Goes Viral Online

Now we have this photo of a female busting it wide open with a building block on her face. We will leave the speculations up to you to determine what was happening here.

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  1. where mi can watch the video

  2. All I see is hate towards black females and a black female that hates herself so much that she is allowing this to happen to her.

  3. That is fu–ed up its wrong to attack a female with such anger, violence and hate ,unless it is life theartening that should not have happen .that is just wrong and to urbandislandz i dont think its right to publish something has horrible has this

  4. human like to sell their soul for the creator wealth, nothing belong to human , nake human came in this world, nake human will leave the creator wealth.almighty creator of this planet have mercy upon us.

  5. You would say shame if someone was forcing these girls to exploit themselves, but they are doing it to get attention or fame in there world.

  6. Black trash!

    • if you have to call her thrash just say “trash” bcuz you dont even know if she is black. Dont judge them by their skin ,i swear she could be as white as snow inside

  7. WTF is someone really going to jump on top of her. smfh dancehall use to be nice back in the days when big booty girls just wine up but this is madness.