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DRAMA: Nicki Minaj Threatens Mariah Carey At American Idol Audition [Video]

The Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey beef is very real.

The “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday came to a halt after judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey buck heads. The fight started over a contestant performance that the two divas disagreed on.

VIDEO: Mariah Carey Iced Beef With Nicki Minaj On American Idol

In a video obtained by TMZ, a very furious Nicki Minaj told the music icon to get off her high… you know what.

“Don’t lose your head. Don’t tell me I’m a gangster! So every time you patronize me, I’m-a take it back, and if you’ve got a f—ing problem, handle it!” Nicki Minaj rant

“I told them, I’m not f—ing putting up with her f—ing highness over there. I’m not gonna sit here every f—ing minute to have you come down and harass me every minute every day,” Minaj continued.

“I’m gonna knock you out!” Nicki Minaj threatened.

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Other sources claimed that the fight was started by Mariah Carey who took a few jabs at Nicki Minaj while she was making her case after the contestant performed.

Fellow judge Randy Jackson tried to intervene to cool the tension.

“Settle down, settle down,” Randy Jackson told Nicki Minaj.

Watch the video below.


  1. Tony T Rob Robinson

    What idol star do you recognize in video look closely

  2. Talena Black Velez

    Straight up trashy!

  3. I Use To Love Mariah Carey When She Was Comnq Out With New Sonqs && Was In But In Case You Didn’t Know Mariah Carey Isn’t Maknq Any More Hit Sonqs or Even Beinq Playd On The Radio Any More! Welcome To 2012 Where Nicki Minaj Is Beinq Playd More && More…. – #&&I’mAYounqWomanWhoListensToAllRadioStations!

  4. WOW:-(

  5. Nicki is trash!!!!!. She is green n stupid!!!!!!. And. All Mouth!!!!!!!! The right one will come along one day and punch her face to shut her mouth!!!!)))))))

  6. wow:those two person are adult they need to show some respect for others and they self god dam.

  7. Anybody with barbie in their screen name gotta like Nicki Minaj. Mariah thinks she can sing, wow check your history before you disrespect some of our black icons. But I guess the song Stupid Hoe was tight.

  8. They both acted in such a manner of silliness. Conclusion: both guilty. NEXT!!!

  9. NIKIE


  10. First off Nicki Minaj is a legend and just saying she would whop mariahs a$$.

  11. Hmm! Let me get this straight. Mariah, a woman who used to be paralelled with the likes of the great Whitney Houston, has to sit next to Nicki Minaj. WTF?!? Her experience in the industry pales in comparison. So if this was Whitney sitting up there you feel like that would be a fair match of wit and talent…..EXPERIENCE? So how do you think Mariah feels—? HEll naw!! I understand completely why she feels the way she does and she has EARNED the RIGHT to be called DIVA. Minaj has NOT! Respect those who have paved the way for you and yours– Besides, that while yall talkin all this and that yall need to be trying to help ya girl minaj figure out how to fill out her Romney Ballot- She play dumb all the time hope she not illiterate too!!!

  12. I’m sorry but have we all forgot about how much of a diva Mariah was and still is . Don’t let let the cute face fool you . Nobody wants to be disrespected regardless of your status. They can edit what they want to make whom they want look bad it’s called entertainment. If someone was taking shots at you how would you react? Regardless it’s a Job a both ladies should have been professional about the matter or at least take it out of camera view . People act like they never had an argument with anyone. Your laundry is just not aired

  13. its so sad…to have her on the show….I know she is being herself but conduct your self and be mindful…I don’t understand..but drama brings ratings I guess.

  14. what sheornay mariah can sing I but you can’t sing better than maiah ok she is very talented I will keep it real nicki is a want to be lil kim and mariah nerver copied for anyone nicki minaj is a beggenner awlays trying to keep up woth the other hard core rappers female know your history ok.

  15. I like nicki but it is a way to handle a disagreement,, argument,, disrespect,, etc..nicki still my girl tho..&& mariah need to not disrespect nicki if that is what she did..

  16. ok…. so what a bad move this is, Mariah has been in the game LONGER! and has oaks sowed all up and through the music industry! unlike Nikki who apparently doesn’t respect anyone in the game that’s a (lil Kim) she walks around hear as a grown women who thinks she’s a freaking barbie doll? go figure!

  17. why don’t they give nicki a break man , Mariah you had your time…

  18. I like when a person speaks their mind and I’m happy nicki didn’t let mariah feel she is better than her in any way because she is NOT and for all who thinks she’s too ghetto check where all the talented people come from… its not where you come from its what you bring to the table and nicki IS the best at what she does most versatile even. Mariah is just good at screaming her a$$ off cant even sing……….

  19. Nicki has zero cla$$ and if you have to use those awful words that keep bleeping then she doesn’t have a brain to choose intelligient words to use, why would you put Nicki on a show that is trying to up it’s ratings, I believe Ryan Seacrest will be the next to leave this is turning into a trashy show and I believe Ryan is too cla$$y and MATURE for all the hooping and hollaring going on…Ryan is like Dick Clark(RIP) he will own it all when all is said and done, but get out while the getting isn’t worse than it is now..

  20. Nicki is Looking so beautiful and charming in the American Idol .

  21. The young gyal ah bad up the old woman lol lol.

  22. The young gyal ah bad up the old woman lol lol.

  23. Mariah needs to show more cla$$ and give Nikki a break. She started it, lol.

  24. If I was miriah Carey and Nicki minaj threaten me to knock me out I be like b–ch ill get lil Kim on Your if you touch me.

  25. Verna Richardson

    why would they include nicki on a show that is down in the slumps, bad move. I thinlk Nicki have Mariah mixed up, itruely believe mariah would whop that a$$, but Mariah is a bit more cla$$y than rolling around on the floor. Marian tried to give them a head up about this trick but they wanted a mix up and now they got crazy lace front on display. so sad. IJS.

  26. CMON nicki minaj too ghetto for these shows.

  27. CMON nicki minaj too ghetto for these shows.