Erykah Badu Goes Blonde, Shows Off Her Bikini Body [PHOTO]


Erykah Badu bikini pic

Erykah Badu loves to strip her cloth off and now you know why, because she has one of the most banging body in the game.

The soul singer takes it all off down to her bikini on Miami Beach.

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The blonde bombshell recently drop a new single “Bag Lady” with Janelle Monae.

Music legend Erykah Badu shows off her incredible bikini body in Miami

The “Window Seat” singer criticised rapper Papoose for releasing a song with vocals she did 10 years ago.

Music legend Erykah Badu wears a unique looking outfit during stroll in Miami

“This Papoose song Cure. I sang those vocals 10 years ago. That’s 2 babies ago. Sheeeit. So mcs just throwing out old material- no paperwork,” Badu tweeted.

Erykah Badu 1

Erykah Badu bikini miami beach


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