Foota Hype Supports Tony Matterhorn Says His Wife Embarrassing Herself

"If yuh woman is really a good woman she nah go come out on social media and embarrass herself"

Matterhorn Foota
Tony Matterhorn, Foota Hype

Dancehall selector Foota Hype is imparting marriage advice to Tony Matterhorn, whom he commended for not reacting in like manner after his wife claimed that he used her to gain American citizenship and then left her for another woman.

The woman Shanice ‘Bella’ Taylor did not hold back as she called out Tony Matterhorn for cheating on her and taking other women on vacation to Jamaica while she was in the United States studying nursing.

“Pressure buss pipe. Me put up with enough dolly. Dolly me a talk, bwoy move out and leave me and mi child. Mi a talk. You shoulda leave me without a child…you shoulda leave me with some money me woulda shut up. All of a sudden bwoy and mi nuh deh after you get through and get citizenship. Dirty man,” she blasted Matterhorn.

Shanice also made nasty remarks about Matterhorn’s mother, Miss Maggie, and his sister as she told him to “s**k yuh muma”.

According to Foota Hype, he is sympathizing with the selector over what can only be an embarrassing situation. He also asked Matterhorn’s mother not to react.

Tony Matterhorn and his wife at their wedding 2016

“Big up Tony Matterhorn and him situation. Maggie, just relax and nuh follow up the story. People ago see what a good woman is made up from what a good woman is not made of. Memba me go through the same supp’n’ already with woman when dem come pan social media and chat chat,” he said.

He continued, “If yuh woman is really a good woman she nah go come out on social media and embarrass herself. That’s all mi affi say bout that. Maggie stay off the Internet, you hear? Go, do your live and thing and lowe she make she one chat. A woman dem name.”

Some fans, however, dragged Foota Hype for speaking on the situation after his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Ishawna, had accused him of being unfaithful and also physically abusing her.

“Any woman weh take up uno a deh wid desperate same way you use to abuse your baby mother and thing crosses man bout good woman a somebody uno a look fi keep uno dutty behavior under wraps,” one person commented on social media.

“So a good woman is supposed to take all that hurt and embarrassment and say nothing or don’t have a reaction?” another said.

In the meantime, Tony Matterhorn has not directly addressed his wife’s video. However, he seemed to push back at her claims that he got his 10-year green card and residency from her. On Instagram, he posted a video reiterating his musical journey and showed him traveling across the world from the early 90s as if debunking her claim that he couldn’t travel to the U.S. without her.

“I laughed at the internet for those who never knew my journey LOOK N LEARN B4 YOU TALK #beenthroughalot I’ve been traveling the world for years song done 2017(prophecy full filled),” he captioned a post.

However, his followers called him out for hiding behind the issue.

“We not here to dispute your musical journey. your estranged wife came on the Internet expressing her emotions towards you and your infidelity…we women need to stand up for women who had/have been treated badly by these disrespectful men and stop embracing them. Your achievements have nothing to do with your cheating habits,” one woman wrote in the comments.

“Travelling does not mean you had permanent residence,” one person said.

Another, however, disagreed, writing, “he just give em a residence which if a them did really want from her he could of have that from in the 90s when he was Matterhorn.”

However, one added, “There are no guarantees he could have gotten other women to soon as he got the paperwork, he left. He defo used her.”

Another fan also stuck up for Matterhorn, writing, “Ask Bella how many days she works since she got married to Matterhorn? As for as I see it a she use him.”