Dancehall Artist Laden Celebrates Release From Prison

Dancehall artist Laden test his motorcycle to celebrate his freedom following his release from prison


Dancehall artist Laden is a free man. The “Top Story” artist has been released from prison and has been seen enjoying his newfound freedom.

A video has been circulating online showing Laden out and about on his CBR bike, and his associates confirmed in the video that the artiste was indeed free. “Freedom! Freedom! how you mean,” his associate said while he asked another person off camera about his bike.

Laden was sentenced to four years in jail in December 2020 for illegal possession of a firearm and 18 months for illegal possession of ammunition. The artist had pleaded guilty to the charges, which were set to run concurrently.

It appears that he was released early from jail as he was set to serve a maximum of four years before he could be released. His attorney confirmed to reporters that he heard the artist was released, but he has not offered a reason for the early release.

The artist was arrested on October 28 in Cheapside, St Elizabeth, while driving a black Mercedes-Benz after a police chase. He was driving the car but led police on a chase after they approached the vehicle, more likely to search it. The gun and ammunition were thrown out of the car via the sunroof, and the artist was eventually charged and pleaded guilty to the offense.

Laden became famous after his stint on the local talent show Digicel Rising Star. He is well known for hit songs like “Time to Shine,” “Feelings Too Heavy,” and others that catapulted his career locally and abroad.

Laden is the second artist to be released from jail this year for gun offenses. Weeks ago, Tommy Lee Sparta was released from prison after completing his two-year sentence for illegal possession of a gun and ammunition. Tommy Lee Sparta had also pleaded guilty to the charges and served his sentence without incident.