Versi Namedrops Popcaan’s Mother In Vicious Diss Track, Mention His Granny & Father

Popcaan Versi
Popcaan, Versi

Dancehall artiste Versi is transforming his beef with Popcaan into a lyrical battle.

Earlier this week, the deejay/producer released a track disrespecting the Unruly Boss, just days after the two shared a heated exchange on social media. The song, titled “Popcaan S**k Back Yu Madda,” has been rapidly gaining recognition as many fans and followers welcome the impending ‘lyrical war’ between the two former friends.

The severity of Veri’s diss has even included the name of Popcaan’s mother, Miss Rhona, which may be a sure-fire way for Popcaan to compose his own clap back.

The new song, which trends at number 20 on YouTube in less than 48 hours, is in response to Popcaan’s impertinent Instagram comment, “Bwoy guh s**k out yuh muma!!!” That comment came after Versi made a post claiming he played a crucial role in building the Unruly Camp.

Versi had also claimed he wrote half of the 2017 hit song “Unruly Anthem” with Quada and Jafrass. That did not sit well with the “Levels” deejay, who soon after accused him of being envious of his success.

Now, the feud between the two deejays has apparently intensified with Versi’s foul-mouthed track, as the “Naw Steam” deejay did not hold back in his lyrical lashing.

“Last time mi fi kill yuh dem beg fi yuh/ Wonder which one a yuh fren ago dead fi yuh/ talk bout mi badmind and mi envy yuh,” Versi spits in the opening of the song.

Not sparing the deejay or his parents, Versi further threatened in the chorus, “Yuh know yuh nuh bad yuh just a run yuh r*wse beak, one shot inna yuh chest a dat a stop yuh heartbeat. Marrow fly, skull a drop inna yuh daddy lap, Rhona grab up har belly when yuh body drop, yuh granny affi cover body wid a broad sheet, shortly yuh gone sleep.”

As if releasing all mustered tensions towards Popcaan, Versi took to the second verse to reiterate arguments that Popcaan is too proud and conceited, claiming that despite the 33-year-old’s success, he has never won a lyrical battle.

“B*mboh*le yuh too hype dawg yuh need fi chill, never win a war you is a easy kill, finger pan di trigger mi a squeeze it till yuh f***ing head a roll like a ball down a steepy hill…” he said.

The producer (formerly known as Versatile) is seemingly content after getting all the disrespect off his chest. In the last few seconds of the track, Versi noted that he is not concerned about whether or not Popcaan will respond to his fiery diss track.

Nonetheless, Intrigued fans are awaiting a response from Popcaan, which could kickstart the first lyrical battle for 2022.

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