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Busy Signal Gets Love From Israel, Captivates Spain

Busy Signal live

Busy Signal must have been pleasantly surprised if not shocked with the response he got when he performed in Israel last week.

The Turf Boss performed a well-received set at the Hangar 09 Nightclub on Beit HaRishomim Street, in Emek Hefer, in front of what was a jam-packed venue on Friday night. Because if you closed your eyes, you would very well believe he was performing in front of a Jamaican audience, as opposed to an entire audience of Jews, based on the response his performance evoked.

The Israelis sang along word-for-word like Jamaicans; they jumped like Jamaicans; they waved like Jamaicans. With hands in the air, they screamed in appreciation as the Turf Boss belted out songs like “Bedroom Bully” and “Can you come over.” They erupted when he reeled out his hit “Stay so” singing along like a mass choir and squealing with delight.

Busy Signal, whose given name is Glendale Gordon, the Israelis were “Fully Charged.”

Busy’s performance in Israel is a part of his 25-date Volcanic Tour which began in France in July and spans Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam and Egypt and other places. The Volcanic Euro Tour comes in the wake of his highly successful single Got to Tell You from his album titled Parts of the Puzzle.

Having done his business in Israel, the 40-year-old headed off to the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Benicassim, Spain, where he commandeered the stage like a Five-star general during his hour and a half performance, his fitness, and stamina was obvious. He posted a clip of his performance on his IG page a day after.

“We are gonna unite and make this thing work. This song I am about to do, it is a song called Jump – Busy Signal and Major Lazer. It’s a song called’ Jump,’ so you have to have a lot of high energy to represent,” he stressed, before immediately launching into the song, jumping while singing, at no time short of breath.

His Jamaican fans who viewed the entire 90-minute performance that was posted to YouTube were well pleased with Busy’s delivery.

“THE BUSY SIGNAL EXPERIENCE. Versatility on display, some of our Jamaican artists need to watch and learn. People pay money to see performance and be a part of the performance, not to see artist “DASH WEH MUSIC”. Busy Signal just deh pon anada level. LEVEL UP….GORILLA TURF PRESIDENT. IF I LOVE HIM ONE MORE TIME YUH SI,” rootznstush wrote.

“JUMP! YOOOW!! di artiste have the crowd ina trance!!!!” an amazed Libyan_ent

Brian Khan, who declared himself a longstanding reggae fan, recommended that upcoming artistes study Busy in order to learn how to perform correctly, as he was not impressed with many of them.