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Dream Doll Bodied Tory Lanez In New Diss Track “On Ya Head” Twitter Reacts

Dream Doll

Did Dream Doll bodied Tory Lanez on a fiery new diss track “On Ya Head?”

Imagine Tory Lanez waking up from his midday nap and heard that Dream Doll got a new diss track for him after he namedropped her on his Don Q diss record “Don Queen.” The lyrical beef between Don Q and Lanez quickly took a turn that no one expected when female rapper Dream Doll stepped into the arena.

Clearly, Doll wasn’t too happy to hear her name in a diss track aimed at another rapper so she decided to do something about it, and Twitter is going crazy. “Up and down, runnin’ ’round, had Bigen all on my legs (Ew) / And that’s word to my mother, ni**a / Only ni**a I ever f***ed that wanted a three some with another ni**a (No cap) / (I put that pu**y on ya head),” Dream spits.

Dream Doll tweeted that she was just minding her business when she heard her name in a diss track. “I was just minding my business guys,” she tweeted. “Keep my name out cha mouth BELOVED.”