Safaree Samuels Vents About Bounty Killer Visa Woes

Safaree Samuels has a lot to get off his chest amidst Bounty Killer’s visa woes.

The dancehall icon revealed in an interview last week that he is still without a visa. Bounty Killer has been without a United States visa since 2010. While a number of artists who lost their visas around that time have since gotten back their travel documents, Killer is an exception, he has been unable to perform on US soil and even he himself is at a loss as to the reason why.

Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, who is a longtime fan of Killer, questioned why the deejay is without a visa and even plans to launch a petition to help the legendary dancehall star get back his travel docs.

“Why on Gods green earth doesn’t Bounty killer have his Visa?” he wrote on Instagram. “In My eyes @grunggaadzilla is the most influential artist in dancehall history they’re ppl all over the world especially in America who want to see him live and for it to be over a decade and he has not committed 1 violent crime and they still haven’t been granted his visa yet is ridiculous! If I start a petition will that help?? I get ppl who come up to me in America all the time and ask me about killer!! Ayo Jamaican government embassy or whoever LETS FIX THIS!! For real!!!! This man just donated a bunch of beds to a hospitals in NEED SO LETS ADMIRE THE GOOD AND DO WHATS RIGHT!”

Bounty Killer says he believes that there is a conspiracy against him to prevent him from setting foot in the US. He also says the lack of a visa for almost a decade has severely hampered his career.

Killer has been feeling charitable these days. The Poor People Governor donated 63 beds to the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals in Kingston last week as part of his ongoing initiative to give back to his community.