Chris Brown Says Everybody In The Industry Smash Rihanna

This could be Chris Brown‘s loudest statement to date on his feelings towards Rihanna.

Earlier this year the “Turn Up The Music” singer says he didn’t care what anyone thinks. The singer has also dropped several subliminal shots about Rihanna’s past.

DETAILS: Chris Brown Talks Rihanna And Loosing His Virginity At 8

Last night Chris Brown released a never before heard verse from DJ Khaled’s “I’m Still” where he sings about Rihanna’s promiscuity.

Chris Brown did not revealed any names, but he did say that everyone who smashed told him.

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a bitter fallout earlier this year after reuniting for only a few months. They have not spoken to each other ever since.

Chris Brown is currently readying his new album X for a December 3rd release date. The album was pushed backed from November 19th.

Do you think Rihanna smash too many people in the industry?

Sound off below.


  1. Fu– u kae your the wh*re

  2. Who cares whether or not who Rihanna has slept wit she is beautiful, and talented and can do whoever or whomever she wants.

  3. Such a LIAR!!! YOU FOUL, you a PUNK A$$!

  4. It does not matter

    It doesn’t matter what I think. Chris says she smash too many people in the industry for him. That’s what matters. I believe the chick beat herself up. If he did beat her up its because she may have given him herpes. Yuck nasty.

  5. why is it that noone is addressins the fact that rihanna has been married since she was 16 before she dropped her first single pon de replay? her manager is her husband. they broke up when she stabbed him with a 10 inch steak knife!! she had problems waaaaayyy before chris brown. people are just mad cause he kicked her a$$. with her track record there’s no tell what she tried to do to him. im not taking sides either. just putting the truth out there.

  6. It’s a well known fact that Rihanna gets around. Chris Brown isn’t the first person to call her out on it. I do however think it bothers him that he wasn’t able to get his side out in the 2009 incident that he is still being persecuted for.

  7. For All The People Dat Di– Su–n Chris Brown, Yall Dont They Situation, Foreal. Its Obviously Rihanna Doing Something Wrong, Aint No Man Gone Beat Her A$$ And Make Song About Her For No Reason. & Lowkey Rihanna Probably Is Gettin Fu–ed By Everybody In Industry. Yall See Ratchet Sh– SHE Do, Like She Twerking To Drake Song On Internet, While They Was Together, & She Knew Chris Brown Had Ah Problem With Drake. Female Do Crazy Sh– When They Mad, Just Males. So Leave This Ni–a Alone. YALL DONT KNOO SH– About This Man So Yall Need To STFU

  8. I think he is trying to make sure no one wants her since he cannot have her. Notice how he is still claiming her as ‘his.’

  9. Hell yes, too loose. You have everything money can buy so now let’s be a slore. She’s a sad case.

  10. Chris Brown….soooo immature – he aint man enough to handle her, she don’t want him so what does he do – slates her by saying she been with everyone in the industry!! Question is who is everyone in the “industry” and as it goes she can go with who she wants, she ain’t married to no1, she just a sexy woman doing her own thing, she has never proclaimed to be a Mary Poppins or Mother Theresa

  11. Just shut up, Chris Brown! You can’t be talking about how muddy someone is when you coated in inches of filth yourself. It don’t matter if everyone in the industry did her, because you already did them twice. You can’t slut shame someone when you three times the slut they are.

  12. How many people has he smashed? She must be beating him in the smashing dept that’s why he’s mad. If you love her get over it, live your life & be happy with her fine a$$! If not shut the f–k up Chris & move around… sounding like a hurt puppy… p.s ReRe halla at yo boy I’m down for whatever!

  13. if he’s just forgive himself she did 100% out of hard love for CB but tell you the truth R Fendy just need to go crazy on his a$$ and give him a bi–h slap. That why he’s losing his mind NOW!!! He just can’t handle any man around her just can’t and that’s why he acted the way he do

  14. I think he is lying

  15. Perhaps she’s not through smashing.

  16. i agree say it how it is… If the bi–h is a hoe y keep that on ur chest???? tell the world!!!!!


  18. so it’s cool for all these stank a$$ hoez to dis ni–az all day in they music, but a icon like Chris Brown can’t??? GMFU!!!! Rhianna been fu–in, ya’ll acting like being young is an excuse to be a h–. Only h–s can relate to h– sh-t. So if you think he wrong, you must be a h–

  19. i jus think chris is hurt but he tryna play it off. he always ends back up with her maybe cause he really have feelings 4 her jus sayin

  20. its ok to rag on chris but Ri Ri need to know you cant do what the men do and still be a lady .flipside right now she is at her peak in youth rich and know doubt deaf to the average bajan take on her life .lets hope she wise up and settle down

  21. Chris Brown is and will forever be a C–T

  22. I think he still have feelings for Rihanna.W
    Hen he I’d banging a lot of women no one saying anything.He is just jealous that he lots her and Drake is banging his ex.

  23. A$$hole. I guess that’s the gratitude for everything she has endured and done for you. Grow up and quit acting like 15 years old bratty scumbag.

  24. Carolyn M Skeete-Mayers

    yea says the boy who cant smash it no more. why boys be like that just cause you and a girl done you have some of the nastiest thing to say about her. and you chris, you had her twice what does that say about you. I don’t see y it matters who she screw she is a grown a$$ woman, cause I sure nobody cares who u screw

  25. steups the fox and the sour grapes aesop’s fables.

  26. she never had any right going back with that lil small doggie idiot. Still, Ri Ri needs to get a grip on things, life in the fast lane always takes you on a collision course and there are many people waiting for when she crashes to celebrate. She needs to be smarter.

  27. It might not be a nice this that Chris said. Trying to make Rihanna appear to be promiscuous does not make him appear any better. On the other hand, if you are drinking you are not likely to know what you are doing or what is being done to you. Rihanna is living too fast and going down the wrong road

  28. It’s about time Chris Brown come out of the closet. Write a verse about it do a remix ” I know alot of brothers gonna hate me right now…. But some of u gonna drink to it…. If suddenly all gay men turn purple right now …..check me out looking like a purple anthropomorphic”

  29. Dear Chris Brownie if you can’t handle the awesomeness of what we call bajan pokey…..keep way form it and just hush yuh mout cause when yuh aint looking yuh does be right back in the same hole.

  30. Lëëlëë BrewsEdwards

    He jus mad he cant smash RiRi nemore… Chris Brown i am/was a fan but u need to grow tf up and move on

  31. And yet he still hooked back up with her so his words are invalid and irrelevant in my opinion

  32. Princess Tiny Neferua

    Chris who?

  33. Olivia Goodtostay Grant

    Chris Brown get a life no matter what you say or do to put her down she is always on top