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Chrisean Rock & Jaidyn Alexis Are Now BFFs Went On IG Live Together

Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis bury their beef and went Live on Instagram. Rock also revealed Blueface got into an accident with their son

Jaidyn Alexis Chrisean Rock
Jaidyn Alexis, Chrisean Rock

The drama between Chrisean Rock and Blueface took an unexpected turn on Monday afternoon after Rock revealed that her baby daddy got into an accident while driving around with the baby.

Chrisean Rock appeared on an Instagram Live, where she was joined by her nemesis Jaidyn Alexis, and they seemed to commiserate with each other over the weird behaviors of their baby father, Blueface. It was a shocking sight to see both women together and at ease, unlike past incidents where they have fought each other.

While on Live, Chrisean revealed that the babysitter, who is her best friend Marsh, had “slits” in her mouth from being beaten up by Blueface. She also revealed that her lips were busted as well.

Blueface Chrisean Jr
via Blueface IG

“So long story short, I’m at the studio. Don’t matter who I was with, it could be K Suave or it could be f**king Trippie, I’m at the studio and I’m trying to lay this record…my BD is calling me… I’m like what is he calling for and I don’t answer. I finally pick the f**k up. This n**ga is with Marsh,” Rock said.

Chrisean Rock also said that Jaidyn Alexis picked her up to go to the “maniac” Blueface.

“I’m like ‘Marsh what’s up’ and she’s like ‘You at the studio, right?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah what’s up’. She’s like ‘Blueface just tried to take the baby. So, I’m like on my way,” Rock said revealing that her sister who has five kids is living with her and she left the baby at home with her sister and best friend so she could go to work.

Chrisean said that Blueface beat her to the house before she could get to the house and Marsh was not leaving the baby’s side. However, Chrisean said that Blueface got into a car accident with the baby.

He also threatened to beat up Marsh by calling Jaidyn to take on the babysitter.
Rock also accused Blueface of kidnapping the baby, especially since she doesn’t prevent him from seeing the child.

“I don’t want no problem. I don’t know why this n***a came and kidnap my baby from my house. Like I’m not keeping you from your child. I’m not none of that. And I don’t know Jaidyn to trust y’all if y’all really together I don’t know [if she has] ill intentions I’m really speaking from the heart,” Rock said that she did not trust Blueface, who posted the baby’s privates in the past.

Rock said that Blueface beat up Marsh and hit her in the face after he posted the video threatening her. Marsh and Blueface were also fighting Chrisean Rock said.

Chrisean and Jaidyn also united on Live while Blueface was calling Jaidyn. The women were seen having shots and talking about Blueface. “We just hurt,” Chrisean said to Blueface when he seemed surprised that the women were together.

In the typical Blueface style, he demanded that Chrisean come off the Live and come get the baby, but she refused. “We so drunk we not finna drive with no baby,” she told him.

Chrisean also said she has to cancel a performance on Monday night because she now has a black eye.