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Cardi B Gifted Scar Lip A Major Co-Sign Moving Her To Tears

New York rising rapper Scar Lip was moved to tears after her rap caught Cardi B's attention

Scar Lip Cardi B
Scar Lip, Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B might be blessing fans with a new verse as she says yes to hopping on a remix with upcoming New York rapper Scar Lip.

The “This Is New York” rapper, whose name is Sierra Lucas, received a huge co-sign from Cardi B, who posted a clip of the 22-year-old getting ready to attend the Met Gala on Monday night. Scar Lip’s presence has been slowly growing from rapping freestyles on Tik Tok in 2020 to working with the likes of Jadakiss and Benny The Butcher on the track “Take ‘Em Out.”

Her latest track, “This Is New York,” received Cardi’s co-sign days ago, and after Cardi B posted her. Scar shared a clip of herself crying as she became overwhelmed with emotions while expressing her gratitude after receiving the shout-out.

While posing for photos in her fourth look for the night, Cardi B was questioned about “This is New York” and whether she would get on the track with the upcoming rapper. “I love that song! My friends keep asking for it,” Cardi B sweetly reacted to the question.

Earlier, Scar Lip shared a video on her Instagram account where she revealed the good news to her friends and family that Cardi B had given her a co-sign.

“Bro, Cardi B just posted me. She from the Bronx, bro, I’m from the Bronx,” the rapper says as she falls to her knees. “She show young girls we can make it, we can do something, bro. I can’t believe it. We did it,” she added.

The rising New York artist released “This Is New York” in early April and a matching video. The aggressive rap style takes inspiration from late rapper DMX, she said in a recent No Jumper interview.

The former Tik Tok content producer has also seen success with her single “Glizzy Gobbler,” and a co-sign from Cardi B is definitely big for her career if it materializes.

In the meantime, Cardi B has teased that she is working on her new album but has not given a timeframe for when fans will get new music. The Bronx-born rapper has previously worked with the likes of GloRilla and other upcoming artists who were able to get their first Billboard topper thanks to her co-sign.

Watch Scar Lip’s breakout hit “This Is New York” music video.