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Nick Cannon Wishes He Had Kids With Christina Milian

Nick Cannon says he has regrets not having children with his ex-girlfriend Christina Milian

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon / YouTube

Nick Cannon says his former flame Christina Milian is one of the women who got away, and he shares that they had discussions about having kids when they dated for two years in the early 2000s.

The couple began dating in 2003 after filming “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” Their romance lasted two years but ended in 2005 after Cannon reportedly cheated on the singer and actress. Cannon later responded to media inquiries about the breakup and basically said they weren’t in an official relationship, so he wasn’t taken, although he was living at Milian’s house and carried on in a relationship.

Nevertheless, Milian went on with her life and is now happily married, and a mother of three, but Cannon says he had regrets that he and Milian didn’t have children as they spoke about having children.

In an interview on the Shaderoom, the rapper mentioned that Milian could have been his partner or one of the mothers of his children based on the current trajectory of his current life.

“Everybody talks about having kids. I think if I say this, I know it’s gon go viral. When Christina Milian and I were doing Love Don’t Cost A Thing. Like I remember when I found out she was pregnant, I don’t think, did I have kids? [but] I like damn man,” he said.

Cannon went from being Mariah Carey’s husband to a dozen kids with several different women in what seems like a revolving open relationship that works simultaneously with his partners.

Nick Cannon added that despite not procreating with Christina, he doesn’t have regrets.

“I was so happy for her but I remember that we were kids in love early on and we talked about that. But you know life plans it out, the universe gives it how it’s supposed to given,” he says.

Nick Cannon is now a father of 12 after welcoming three children in the past year.