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DaBaby Claims He Was Extorted At Nigeria Airport Before Leaving Country


DaBaby says he had to pay off the entire airport before leaving Nigeria.

The Charlotte rapper has never had an issue with shelling out cash for his clothes, kids, and jewelry. However, DaBaby was not too happy about having to pay an arm and a leg to get on a flight out of Lagos after a recent trip.

The North Carolina native recently went to Nigeria to work on a music video with Afrobeat superstar, Davido. The “Rockstar” rapper shared photos and videos of his trip on his Instagram earlier this week. We all know DaBaby knows how to have a good time, so it was no surprise that multiple fans were able to capture him in his element, rapping and dancing.

When it came time to leave, however, he encountered a slight hiccup. The rapper was unable to depart from Nigeria, but he did not disclose why.

Yesterday, he took to his Instagram to share a video of him seated on the aircraft. The video was captioned, “Boy I done had to pay the whole airport off to make this flight.”

Not much more information has been given as to why he was unable to leave or why he had to dip into his wallet to board the flight, but what we do know is that he thoroughly enjoyed his work trip.

Davido ensured that DaBaby was well taken care of, taking him to his hometown and showing him all his favorite spots.

The music video was shot in a rural town in Nigeria, and while the exact details have not been released, fans were able to share snippets of the shoot as it was underway. Baby’s fans were also able to capture him at various times during his trip. At one point, he stopped with his team and purchased popcorn with a $100 bill.

Baby has been in the spotlight recently, mostly for his contentious relationship with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, singer DaniLeigh. The pair have rehashed the most intimate aspects of their relationship on social media for everyone to see.

Outside of all that drama, Baby has upcoming tour dates throughout the remainder of the Spring through to the summer. His tour will see him traveling through the US and Europe.