Tommy Lee Sparta’s Lawyer, INDECOM, Correctional Department Investigating Alleged Fight

Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

On Tuesday afternoon, the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, announced that it has launched an investigation into the alleged incident involving dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta who was allegedly beaten by police officers and is presently in hospital.

On Monday, a video was circulated on social media showing an alleged altercation with several officers. Photos of an unconscious Tommy Lee Sparta were also shared, but few details have been revealed about the incident.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force on Monday also said that the artist had refused to go into his cell and had thrown his breakfast at officers.

An update from his team said the artist had emergency surgery, hinting that his injuries could be extensive and possibly include broken bones.

According to INDECOM, it’s investigating the allegation that there was an altercation between a correctional officer and incarcerated dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta.

A release from the oversight body also said that it had received a report from the Department of Correctional Services, DCS, advising of the alleged assault at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center.

According to reports, the Commission said it is taking steps to interview the artist and collect medical entries and reports on the extent of his injuries as well as that of the single officer said to be involved and taking statements from witnesses to ascertain the facts.

The organization also said it is seeking to ascertain the number of correctional officers involved in the incident, collect evidence of the incident and serve Section 21 Notices to any concerned officer for the submission of a statement where needed.

Meanwhile, Tommy Lee Sparta’s Instagram account was updated after INDECOM released the statement.

His label head Boss Lady Muzik said the label welcomed news of the investigation.

“This is to inform all fans, friends, family, and supporters that we have noted with great concern, an incident involving our dear family and client Leroy Junior Russell PKA Tommy Lee SPARTA. The matter is being investigated by Indecom and we expect a thorough and swift investigation into the matter,” it began.

She added that the artist’s team is also exploring their legal options and imposed on the DCS to investigate the matter and remove officers who were involved in the incident.

“The legal team is looking at all options. We are calling on the Department of Correctional Services to launch an internal investigation into the matter and immediately pull the officers involved from active duty, pending the outcome of the investigative process. We appreciate the outpouring of support and ask you all to continue your prayers,” the statement ended.

There was no update on the health of the artist and whether he remains in the hospital or has been discharged.