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Pooh Shiesty Trends On Twitter Over Alleged Leaked Video With Trans Woman

Pooh Shiesty
Pooh Shiesty

In case you see Pooh Shiesty trending on Twitter its because of an alleged leaked video.

Pooh Shiesty‘s name has been swirling in the media quite often in the past few days, and the rapper is having none of it. The Memphis rapper recently found himself clearing his name when he denied claims by NBA Youngboy‘s ex-girlfriend, Jania Meshell, who said the “Back in Blood” rapper had slid into her DM’s. Pooh Shiesty denied being romantically involved with the influencer.

While dealing with this scandal, another exploded on social media when an alleged sex tape between a trans woman and a man surfaced. The public speculated that Pooh Shiesty was the man in the video, based on his skin tone, tattoos, watch, and a 1017 chain similar to that of the rapper.

Although the man’s face was not captured in the video, Shiesty was quickly tagged as the one being caressed by the macho hands seen in the video. Twitter did what they do best when they ensured the allegations spread like wildfire. The short clip shows the woman rubbing the man’s bare chest while showing off her AP watch. Still, some social media users concluded that the watch and the 1017 chain were not the real deal.

The initial video was allegedly posted by the transgender woman, Nicki P. “Wit yo favorite rapper! Literally! Thanks for the AP DADDY,” she wrote in the caption. Nicki also uploaded the full version of the video on her OnlyFans.

On Tuesday, May 11, the rapper took to social media to deny all allegations.

Pooh Shiesty is perhaps tired of all the drama, and his frustration was felt through a post he made on Twitter where he offered a light threat. “Go Play with somebody who ain’t gone kill you. And on that man on my face I ain’t comment that. that’s my response.” A follow-up but now-deleted post by the rapper added, “Can’t no internet tell u who I’m f***ing.”

Nicki P’s Instagram has since been deleted.