Shenseea’s Manager Romeich Shares 1st Photo Of His New Baby Girl ‘Skye Major’

Proud dad Romeich Major has unveiled a picture of his newborn daughter.

The dancehall music mogul, who revealed that he was a dad again during an interview earlier this month, posted the picture on his official Instagram page. He covered her face with an emoji which seems to be a new trend these days when celebs post pics of their children. The photo also shows the newborn donning a red dress and a white bottom, complete with red and white socks with bows. The proud father captioned the picture, “Happy Friday from my little munchkin,” followed by some heart emojis. He added, “Hi Instagram family meet my daughter #SKYE.”

Romeich Major‘s fans flocked to the comments to welcome the baby girl. One IG user said, “Welcome to this bitter sweet world baby girl,” while another declared, “Congrats and welcome to the world Skye.”

Several users were, however, dissatisfied with the post as they wanted to see the child’s face. One user chided, “So why har face hide?! Kmt.”

Some fans usually call out celebrities for posting their children on social media while hiding their faces, highlighting that if you have to hide the child’s face, then why post their photo. Still, this has not deterred the multitude of celebs and entertainers who continue to use emojis to mask their child’s identity on social media, some for years. Perhaps this is Romeich’s way of silencing critics while proving he does have a baby girl without revealing the baby or his baby mother’s identity.

Skye is Romeich’s second biological child. He has a son named Xzander Major, who is 15 years old. Romeich also plays an active father role in the life of Shenseea’s son Rajeiro. Shenseea is managed by Romeich, and the two have had a close friendship over the past few years. The artiste declared on Instagram some days ago that she would be the godmother to Skye. In her stories, she gushed with excitement, joking that she would be the one to post the first picture of the baby to Instagram. Shenseea also told fans that popular DJ Blackboi would be Skye’s godfather.

“Nice to meet her legs and hands ya gwaan til me post r face,” Shenseea wrote on the post.

Now while Romeich Major is not new to fatherhood, it’s safe to say that the business mogul is beyond excited to be a #girldad. In a recent interview with Yendi Phillips on her Youtube series Odyssey, Romeich said, “Me always want a daughter and mi a get a daughter now.”

He added, “I’m going to have a beautiful daughter and I’m going to be happy…Boi she ago spoil.”

While fans continue to await an updated photo showing the baby’s face, we wish Romeich the best on his journey!

Romeich and his son Xzander