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Beyonce Gifted Lil Yachty & Gucci Mane Adidas Icy Park Sneakers In Ice Boxes

Beyonce gifted Lil Yachty and Gucci Mane some Adidas Icy Park kicks in custom ice boxes.

Beyonce is known for giving her celebrity friends some stupendous gifts over the years. A pair of Icy Adidas shoes from her new Ivy Park collection was one of the latest to be gifted, landing perfectly in the arms of Lil Yachty. Regular folks tend to send gifts in nicely wrapped boxes, perhaps topping it off with the occasional bow and/or flowers. Yet, there is very little one would consider regular when it comes on to Beyonce and her sense of style.

Last year the “Crazy In Love” singer sent some mysterious, albeit stylish orange boxes to a selected few as a way to promote her recently launched Ivy Park brand. 2021 brings a whole new meaning to be affluent and elegant when special agents connected to the Knowles estate approached Yachty with a palanquin fit for a fresh pair of sneakers. The palanquin was handled by two men while the third read the public declaration from Beyonce herself, “Beyonce is excited to gift to you this pair of icy shoes from her Adidas Ivy Park newest collection ‘Icy Park.”

Lil Yachty isn’t the only celebrity who received their Icy Park kicks in Ice Boxes. Gucci Man also received a pair.

Lil Yachty expressed his excitement with a joke, which pointed out that luxury was not something black folks got the chance of experiencing. He said, “WHITE PEOPLE BRINGING ME SHIT FROM BEYONCÉ.”

A video shows Lil Yachty clumsily handling the ice chest, which led to it falling and shattering on impact. A few of B’s fans were not pleased about how the “Minnesota” rapper handled the gift.

“My ni**a scuffed em before he wore em,” came one mild comment. “How you gonna just act so careless about a gift that Beyonce sent you lol smfh,” jokingly questioned another curious onlooker.

The opening of this gift was surely not the prettiest, but it did provide fans with a quick look at the sneakers. Being given a gift from Beyonce is always a pleasure, and Lil Yachty has definitely entered the prestigious list of donees. The question is, will he remain after his poor handling skills?