Marion Hall aka Lady Saw Responds To Spice “Obeah” Drama & Why She Left Dancehall

Lady Saw Marion and Spice
Marion Hall, Spice

Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, is speaking out about new allegations regarding Spice involved in “Obeah.”

The teachings found in the good book have been guiding persons associated with the Christian religion for many centuries. Within its many scriptures are tales that focus on good or evil. Within the last couple of days, dancehall fans have seemingly been exposed to both. Nardo “RT Boss” Smith classifies himself as a self-proclaimed Reader Man/Spiritual advisor for Spice.

Throughout the numerous voice notes and videos which have been released between himself and his advisee Spice, it could be concluded that Jamaicans have a deep fear of obeah. The spiritual practice was developed in West African and brought to the Caribbean by slaves. The verdict on the evil nature of the practice is still being discussed, but it seems the general consensus in the Caribbean is that the practice is dark and should not be interfered with.

No wonder Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, had a few choice scriptures, specifically Psalm 35, which she used to hit out against RT Boss and Spice. This came after her name was mentioned by Smith in relation to his hand in Spice becoming the reigning Queen of Dancehall. It should be mentioned that Spice and Lady Saw have a prior history.

Some years ago, Lady Saw ended her longtime relationship after multiple infidelity cases on the part of her spouse. There was a lot of chatter in and around the industry that the then reigning Queen of Dancehall was barren, which is why her spouse stepped out. Spice was supposedly one influencer behind the drama that unfolded.

According to RT Boss, he supposedly also had a hand in the matter, while hinting that Hall was also caught up in dark magic. While conducting one of his Instagram LIVE sessions, he said, “Member Lady Saw, me put on heat pon Lady Saw cause a Lady Saw fuss start do obeah so me did affi put on heat pon Lady Saw make she run,” he said.

This year marks five years since Lady Saw has turned her life around and taken on a more Christian way of life. That didn’t stop her from addressing the accusations made by the self-proclaimed spiritual reader man.

“Nobody couldn’t run me out a dancehall, cause you know nobody never bad like me right,” boasted Hall. She concluded that it was simply her time to leave the secular and demonic world. The now ordained minister mentioned that she previously offered aid to Spice and even had dresses sold in her store. She also specified that Spice and her associate were unable to get any piece of clothing[Sackcloth] from her in order to cast a spell.

“I behaved as though she was my brother, I behaved as though she was my friend,” she shared as she read from her bible. “The objects gathered themselves to gather against me… With hypocritical matters, they gnash at me with their teeth… rescue my soul from their destruction.”

Marion Hall expressed that she is firmly rooted and devoted to her faith and has no concerns for “Obeah Man.”