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Future Slams Alleged Baby Mama Eliza, Says She Has Mental Health Problems

Future is slamming his alleged baby mama as obsessive and has mental health issues.

The Atlanta rapper filed paperwork requesting for the court to mandate a psychological evaluation for a woman who claims to have fathered his seventh child. Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, already has six children with six different women, including superstar singer Ciara and the model Joie Chavis. Now, a woman named Eliza Seraphin is claiming that Future fathered her daughter and then ghosted them both. However, Future alleges that Seraphin is suffering from a mental health disorder that may make her a danger to him and her child, and uses her dramatic social media posts as evidence of her instability.

In the documents filed by Wilburn, the rapper claims that Eliza has a history of violence, including an arrest for assault with a firearm against a former lover. Future does not, however, address whether the child is biologically his as Eliza claims, TMZ reported. Still, he does allege that the woman was taking fertility medication in an attempt to become pregnant by a wealthy celebrity.

Future and Eliza Reign

Seraphin was the first to make legal moves in the situation, filing documents last August alleging Future’s paternity in the case, and demanding financial support. She also claimed that she was forced to stop working early on in her pregnancy and to sell her car to help support herself and the child, and was seeking a return on those losses as well.

Despite not publicly claiming Eliza’s child as his own, Future does seem to be concerned for the wellbeing of the little girl, mentioning in court documents that he is worried she will be brainwashed and demoralized by her mother’s antics. He is also requesting that the court assess Seraphin’s competence as a parent. It will be interesting to see if this case involves a paternity test and who will gain custody if the alleged baby mama is deemed unfit.

Eliza Serapin has since responded to Future’s claims. “The ability to do some foul sh*t and play victim is a true form of mental illness,” she wrote.