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DaBaby Appears To Punch Fan Who Grabbed His Chain At His Concert: Video

DaBaby may have tried to punch a fan to protect his things.

DaBaby is becoming one of the hottest rappers in hip hop, mostly due to his lyrical abilities, but his social media presence is pretty entertaining too. The Charlotte MC is no stranger to confrontation and has already gotten a reputation for getting into fistfights, some of which he records and posts videos of to his own accounts. But on Friday it was a fan that caught the rapper possibly throwing a punch towards another fan during a show in Lansing, MI.

TMZ obtained footage of DaBaby performing at the Prime Festival Friday night in arms length of the crowd. The 27-year-old is seen reaching out to fans when all of a sudden he drops the mic as he gets tugged on. Then the quick video shows him abruptly swing his arm towards the crowd, then goes on about performing as security approaches. The almost-scuffle went no further, and it isn’t known if DaBaby’s punch even landed.

No one called the cops and no one appeared to be injured, the site reported. The situation was much less severe than a fight that occurred back in May involving DaBaby’s entourage. That time, the “Suge” rapper steered clear of the altercation while is posse thrashed a fan who aggressively approached him. And we all remember the viral video of him beating down a man in the mall who challenged him to a fight … but later ended up on the ground at the hands of the rapper.

Luckily for the fan involved in this latest incident, DaBaby cared more about the show than taking it to that next level.