JAY-Z To Young Fan “You Will Be President Someday”

JAY-Z is one of those timeless rappers, he has fans ranging all ages, and on Monday night one young fan got a big shutout at his concert.

The rap legend was performing at his 4:44 Tour stop in Cleveland, Ohio, when he paused to acknowledge a 9-year-old girl rocking out to his music at the front of the audience. JAY-Z is himself a father of two girls so he has that protective instinct in him already. The rapper is also known for his commentary on social and political issues affecting us, so when he told this little girl that she will be president one day, it was no surprise.

“You can be anything that you want to be in the world,” Hov told his young fan who was delighted for the shout-out. “At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist. But you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States. You believe that.”

The part of his message about sexism made some fans a little uneasy since he was talking to a 9-year-old girl. But the point of his message way overshadows any little uneasiness that what he said may have caused. Watch the video below.