LA LEWIS Nabbed Bounty Killer Ex-Girlfriend, She Dishing On Killer [VIDEO]

LA Lewis has been posting some videos online of himself and a female that claimed that she is Bounty Killer‘s ex-girlfriend.

In this video the female in question said some damning things about the dancehall legend.

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“Mi put it inna the Hennessy, stir it up gi him,” the female said.

“Bounty su– pu— Bounty,” she added.

So far Bounty Killer has not respond to LA Lewis and this female claim on Twitter.

Watch the video below and leave your comments.


  1. Uhnu Jamaicans get offended by suc– Pum pum like seh pum pum is a damm cock…. Uhnu get over it Sex is Sex no one in this world will turn gay by suc— a pum pum uhnu grow chooooo

  2. This a foolishness…gtfohh oh plz

  3. Yute stp chat sh-te war lord nuh bow cat bounty probably dnt even knw dat dog sh-te u and kartel eat off all the gyal dem bounty killer own dancehall

    • Lol mi caa sleep well so nuh worry bout me my conscience clean lol but if yuh name keep calling to it and is a woman a seh it batty man u wanna vouch fi man ? U did inna him bed room, ee fish? Mi fook almost a hundred gyal and mi name neva get link to dem ting deh and u caa tell mi a tru dem vex das y dem do that neda move yuh rass u and rodney a freak!

  4. Nyc you don’t see burn gaza must have addi d1ck on his mind 24/7 this article about his daddy bounty and he still calling out the boss….burn gaza maybe I should spell it out for u——> let it go dog it over u a Dutty fish boi

    • Guh suck yr big pu$$y muma frist take out of yr mouth batty man burn out all devil devil is a same sex and eat anything bounty killer own dancehall him set a foundation

  5. U like to talk a abt dead beat becuz yr dutty daddy was a dead beat everybody inna gaza a freak from Lisa hype to gaza slim , gaza slim sex tape soon come out any sucking off woman pu$$y is kartel a do it ,it more fit his character bounty killer make a mistake wen him buss ungrateful boy kartel bt him soon go jail guh take hood Ina him batty were him get that batty man laugh from lol

  6. La lewis ah try look ah hype bout him nuh want angel boy run way ah only dat bruk wotless gal yuh can get bout she stir up the pu— inna hennsey…..she soon dweet to yuh to……mi caah waste my good hearing pon dis bruk boi and him senseless music.bounty nuh mek him get fame so him ah try diss.

  7. Dutty gyal u quick fi come chat bout the general go dwn on girls look how easy hell boy get murder inna him song him a use dem words yah say gyal p$$y gud like him high grad herbs him smoke it or nyam her like burger lol kartel mix up too much things weh pu$$y deadbeat I av my freedom kartel nah come a road fi now bobylon a set him up and a gud fi him

  8. these two been going at it for how many years now .

  9. la lewis go su– you other pu— hole , you caan dis the general, go try get you stripe off someone else, go suuuuuuuuu— you mother

  10. yow get a life from the year start a two battyman me c a try draw out the general but killa no have no time fi unnu him done wid the maddness him alright big up me general

    • Dutty gyal without bounty killer there wouldn’t be any kartel fans yr daddy was the biggest dead beat u live in the project and on welfare checks a.. hole dnt gwan like u wah diss the general

  11. Big things gwaan a Jamaica they say Bounty su—ng off women pu—

    • Hey dutty gyal guh suck hood or somthing if any body suck pu$$y is kartel becuz him mix up too much things with pu$$y ,weed ect set good like the ice inna freezer him mus si ago drink her

      • Burn gaza u is a bounty fan u inna di su– pu— ting lol u use Hennessey too?? U and monkey killa a nyam off di gyal dem a vodka mi ting deh mi naa drink Hennessey again. Lmfao

    • Of course the Killer su–‘s pu— on a sly and make the girl promise she nah go tell no one about him living under the crotch.

    • Stop projecting ur perversion’s onto the Killer, suck clit gyal.