Nas Praises Frank Ocean Among “Garbage Pail Kids”

Been in the game for two decades, Nas knows true talent when he sees one. The Brooklyn hip hop icon is praising Odd Future’s Frank Ocean, calling him one of today’s brightest new stars.

“Frank Ocean is just a new gust of wind to move things out the way and give us something new,” Nas recently told

During a recent interview with Toronto’s Flow 93.5, Nas opens up about garbage pail kids, saying, “Just the garbage, the garbage pail kids out there that’s everywhere.”

Nas added, “Everybody just don’t have it, so somebody that comes out like Frank Ocean and does it his way and sings his way, it’s fresh, it’s good for the game,” he explained.

Ocean, who recorded songs with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyoncé, might be be on the iconic rapper’s new album not yet titled.

“I need Frank Ocean on the album. We actually started working, so I gotta finish it.”