Wyclef Jean Shot And Injured In Haiti

Former Haitian presidential hopeful, Wyclef Jean, was shot in the arm in Port-Au-Prince last night on the eve of the election.

According to reports, a group of mask men ambushed Jean and his team approximate 11 PM Saturday night. But the Hip Hop star escaped with only a wound to his hand. He was treated at hospital and later release.

Jean’s brother, Samuel, confirmed the musician was shot but decline to give more detail on the incident.

“We are happy that Wyclef is okay but we continue to pray for him and for a peaceful and fair election today in Haiti,” the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has worked with Jean on educational issues and bringing aid to Haiti after the devastating January 2010 earthquake, said in a statement.

The statement added:

“It is clear that enemies of progressive change in Haiti are behind the shooting of Wyclef – those that don’t want to accept that a monumental change is inevitable for the betterment of the Haitian people,” Rosemond said. “This incident will not deter those of us that see the election as crucial to the country’s future.”

Late last year Clef reported that he was getting death threats from an unknown group believe to be aligned to another presidential hopeful. Since then, this is the first attempt on the life of the ex-Fugee star.

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