Urban Islandz Weekly Featured Talent: Magazeen

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Their are many talented young and upcoming Caribbean artists possess the skills to tear down any hip hop club or dancehall session. But despite having the talent, many of these young acts need exposure and sometimes a bit of luck to realize their dreams of becoming that next big thing.

At the beginning of every week Urban Islandz feature a new and promising artist from inside the Caribbean or the Diaspora. A young and upcoming artist that we think will contributed greatly to the Caribbean music scene. If you’re a new artist or know one then contact us here.

Upcoming dancehall act Magazeen is this week featured talent. Some of you may know him from the Rick Ross video Yatch Club, while some of you may never heard of him at all. But we will give you a little introduction into who is Magazeen. By the way, the name sell off.

“Maga-Zeen”, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where he developed a strong passion for both reggae and pop culture music. He sharpened his talents as a vocalist and song- writer in school through talent shows, dance and music classes. Although he excelled musically, his parents were not supportive of his dedication to his music and expressed their expectations of him going to college. Regardless, he chased his musical hopes and dreams, knowing one day he would be a reggae-pop artist.

Urban Islandz took time out to ask Maga a few questions and the responses were right on point.

1. Tell us about growing up in Jamaica, why you migrate to the states and where your living now?

Magazeen: growing up in jamaica was a movie. I had fun going to school, doing music, messing with the ladies….lol! I migrated to the states because i wasent getting my fair share in the music industry, also too much politics, and it was all about money. So that was one of many reason to migrate, so I can further my music internationally. Im ccurrently residing in Miami, Florida.

2. Are you signed to a label now? Tell us more about that aspect of your career.

Yes. Im now signed to Maybach Music Group one of the biggest label in the game. The aspect of my career right now im getting myself ready for a tour in London, collaborating with other artist for my album ” Jamaica Gates” still working on mixtapes. Dropping new singles every 3 months, basically that’s what it is right now. Searching for that hit single.

3. What inspired you to choose music as a define career path rather than a 9 to 5?

Magazeen: I didnt choose music, music choose me. I think when your born to do something. Like music, a doctor, scientist. No matter what 9 to5 you do, its gonna lead back to what you was born to do, and for me that was music.

4. I notice most of your lyrics have a message, do you write your own lyrics?

Yes I write my own lyrics, and I also arrange and produce. Music is so powerful, and I think its one of the best way to teach people how to become a better person and keep the faith.

5. What motivates you to choose the dancehall genre rather than straight reggae?

Magazeen: I dont choose dancehall over reggae, I’m a little dancehall and a little reggae. Reason for doing reggae and dancehall at the same time, dancehall music keep me in the streets, reggae music keeps me commercial and international.

6. What can we expect from Magazeen in the future?

Magazeen: Hits after hits, albums after albums, definitely a Grammy or should I say Grammy’s…….lol! and also good music, Maga dat!

7. What was your first successful single and tell us more about that single?

Magazeen: My first successful single was “Jeans and Timberlands” back home in Jamaica on the party time riddim. That was a movie! Produce by: Preston Anfroy. I came up with that song, because Im all in fashion, I got a passion for fashion! and just making people feel good in what there wearing. Everybody talking about money, cars, girls. Im talking about what you wear, Feel good in your clothes! Thats how Jeans and Timberland came about.

8. Tell us about your upcoming album or Mix-tape.

Magazeen: The title of my album is “Jamaica Gates” Still working on my album, a lot of features rick Ross, bobby Valentino, lil wayne, just to name a few. You can expect hardcore reggae music, dancehall music,and crossover music. You know a little bit of everything. I’m going hard with this album. I just need that platinum plaque.

9. Finally tell us why fans should buy Magazeen music?

Magazeen: If your a fan of music, and you love good music! music to uplift you, style, versatility. Basically, Im saying my music is magnificent. Wouldn’t you buy my music?

Listen to Magazeen new single called Immigrant

[audio:https://urbanislandz.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Magazeen-Immigrant-Clean.mp3|titles=Magazeen – Immigrant (Clean)]

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