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Drake and Latto’s 21-Year-Old Sister Brooklyn Nikole Dating, Video Sparks Rumors

Drake rap about Booklyn on "4batz's “Act II: Date @ 8 (Remix)"

Brooklyn Nikole Drake
Brooklyn Nikole, Drake

Fans of Canadian rapper Drake think that he and the sister of Atlanta rapper Latto have been dating, and he’s dropped several clues that they missed from his recent music.

Drake and 21 Savage have been close friends for years, and last year, they teamed up on their joint album Her Loss. The two appear to have maintained a close friendship, and it seems that Savage’s rumored girlfriend, Latto, and her sister, Brooklyn Nikole, are now dating the two rappers.

At least, that’s what fans think after seeing a video of Drake and Brook at a restaurant. On Friday, a restaurant worker shared a video of Savage, Drake, and Brook leaving a restaurant. The internet was buzzing with speculations that the latter two were an item.

In the video, Brooklyn Nikole walks out of the restaurant, followed by Drake and Savage.

Fans have been busy commenting on the age difference between Drake and Brook, given that he is almost 17 years older than her. Brooklyn, 21, who previously dated NBA star Ja Morant, and now Drake, 37, have remained quiet since the rumors began.

However, agitated fans have dug into Drake’s music, and many think that Drake has provided proof in his lyrics that he and Brooklyn Nikole are dating. The supposed evidence is found in his song ?”Act II: date @ 8,” which seemingly confirms that 21 Savage has given his blessings for the relationship.

“How you get all of that body and face, though? / What kinda water they servin’ in Clayco?,” part of the verse said referencing the county, Clayton County, where Brook grew up, which is situated just outside of Atlanta.

Drake also seems to profess his love.

“This is me talkin’, it’s not the añejo / Ready to pop out, but we gotta lay low / I really gotta calm down/’Fore I end up in jeopardy, just like the game show / Broski my twin, that’s my bestie/ He love me, said I got the blessin’/ I swear he’s gassin’ me up/ There’s no way in hell I see you passing me up / Almost said I loved your a** right after we f**ked / Don’t know why, girl, it was on the tip of my tongue Yeah/ found someone I’m fallin’ for,” the verse said.

In the meantime, fans also commented on the sighting and the lyrics.

“All I read is Drake confirming Latto & 21 YET AGAIN,” one person commented on Instagram.

“Keep that same energy for Beyonce & Jay Z, she was 19 & he was 31 ijs,” another fan wrote regarding the age gap criticisms.

“This confirms the 21 and latto allegations too they double dating,” another fan wrote. “Maybe it was hurrr he was talking bout in that song “21… can you do summ for’ meeee,” another said.

Others also defended Drake. “How the hell can you groom a grown a*s women y’all just be saying anything I hate yall learned these words,” one wrote.

Another said, “She is fine and grown mind yah business where was this every with draya and green?”