Buju Banton and Victoria Monét Lit Up The Dance Floor In “Party Girls” Video

Dancehall legend Buju Banton link up with Victoria Monét in "Party Girl" video

Victoria Monet Buju Banton
Victoria Monet, Buju Banton

Buju Banton and Victoria Monet may have released the song of the summer, and some fans think after they released their song “Party Girls,” a mixed R&B/Dancehall track.

The song is causing a stir after its release on Wednesday, with many fans musing about the music and lyrics, choreography, outfits, and vibe of the song. Monet opens the track with a sultry verse about a girl who enjoys the party and rocks until the morning.

“No more backs on the wall (No)/Come pull me close to you (Rock)/Rock me deep into the morning (Rock)/’Cause by sunrise I’ll be gone/I wanna be leaving with someone/I’ll here for a good time and you know we both want it,” Monet sings.

The song later switches over to Buju Banton’s verse, where he brings his booming bass and signature dancehall sound as both he and Monet change the tone of the song.

“Now from this tune come on me want everybody in the dancehall right now tonight/Lighters in the sky…/Want to know what a true Jamaican nightlife is like/Alright, work hard play hard, don’t need no sponsor/Life of the party girl, you’re sweet like sugar/Put the S in sexy girl, me love that figure/When you whine and go down, come up and bend over/True the party can’t start til’ you deh bout ya/Sexy up jacuzzi pool side and sauna/So, who make the party start get it hot like fire?/Who makes the rude boys spend out nuff dollars,” Buju Banton spits.

The visuals for the song is also giving 90s dancehall vibes with lots of whining and signature costumes in what looks like a basement where partygoers whine and jam to a big boom box in the room.

Fans of both artists raved at the creativity and delivery of the song on social media.

“Her artistry is incredible beyond words! The pen, the talent, the beauty, the dedication, and the sheer effort put into every song and video she releases… ugh I love her so much,” one fan reacted to her YouTube video.

“This song is so catchy and sexy, I love the feature artist also, he brought that true reggae energy. 10s across the board, Victoria Monet never disappoints! Hard work pays off, she’s going up, she’s a true international Superstar,” another said.

“Yass! U can never go wrong with reggae/dancehall vibes. Will be Vibing in Jamaica to this one,” another added.

Victoria is a Pop and R&B singer-songwriter who is known for her superior songwriting skills and for working with Fifth Harmony, GOOD Music, Ariana Grande, Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, and many other artists.

She has been steadily making ground as an R&B singer with her debut EP Nightmares & Lullabies – Act 1, released in 2014, and she released a follow-up project a year later.