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Tory Lanez Posted $350K Bail, DJ Akademiks Claims Roc Nation Gave Him DNA Info

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez was only held for a brief time after judge David Herriford ordered him handcuffed and remanded on a higher bond for violating two court orders after his last court appearance.

According to Rolling Stone, the rapper dressed in a black tuxedo jacket and black turtleneck shirt was supported by his father and his friends, who waited outside of the courthouse for him as the bail was posted.

The judge set the higher bond after an hour of arguments between the prosecutor and Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson’s attorney Shawn Holley.

The orders the judge found he violated were in relation to a protective order that banned him from contacting the victim, Megan Thee Stallion, and a discovery order that prohibited him from sharing any evidence in discovery in the case.

His Attorney, Holley, also denied that Tory Lanez had shared with the third-party Twitter user and YouTube personality DJ Akademiks documents from discovery.

The prosecution alleged that the information was shared minutes before the pre-trial hearing even began on February 23, when Akademiks tweeted a breaking news headline: “Tory Lanez DNA was not found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case.”

Rolling Stone has published the exchanges by Lanez’s attorney where she invalidated DJ Akademiks previous claims that he saw the document in question even though Lanez later popped up to validate Akademiks’ tweet.

“What he [Akademiks] said is incorrect,” Holley told the court.

“What (DJ Akademiks) said is that the DNA was not found on the weapon. And in fact, the swab of the gun indicates ‘inconclusive,’ that there were four contributors.”

Holley also responded to Akademik’s tweet where he said, “I saw this doc myself.. it literally says it was inconclusive in finding Tory DNA on the gun or magazine.”

Holley argued Akademiks was wrong as “the swab of the magazine indicates Mr Peterson was excluded.”

“If he had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right,” she said as she referred to the posts by Akademiks as “chatter” in “a medium that is almost inherently unreliable.”

“The court cannot conclude the defendant distributed anything, however it does appear that he violated the order that prohibits him from making any statements regarding discovery,” Judge Herriford had concluded as he referenced one of Lanez’s tweets about Akademiks.

“Ak is telling no lies.”

Meanwhile, Holley had said that the District Attorney’s office asked that Lanez’s bail be upped to $5 million but that she was happy that the court rejected it and only increased it to $350,000.

Meanwhile, DJ Akademiks has continued to speak on the matter, and in one tweet, he said, “I got it from Roc Nation … *shrug*, hinting that Megan Thee Stallion’s label had leaked the discovery document to him.

In later posts, he also addressed his Instagram account being taken down.

“Oh yeah they tried censoring me in the gram too.. claim I’m out here spreading too much truth and private info about the industry … but I’m back for now. Let’s see how long before it goes down again… Censorship crazy word to Elon musk,” he tweeted.