Popcaan, Beenie Man, Tommy Lee Sparta Sounds On Killings Of Women In Jamaica

Beenie Man Popcaan music
Beenie Man, Popcaan

Popcaan, Beenie Man, and Tommy Lee Sparta are among dancehall artistes sounding off about the killing of women and sharp rise in crime.

Jamaica has unfortunately recorded 72 murders within the first 15 days of the new year. Just when citizens thought it could not get any worse, on Friday, January 21, 2022, there was the dubious first of six women being killed in less than 24 hours. This unprecedented occurrence has many calling not only for a resumption in hanging but a full and comprehensive crime plan to tackle hardened criminals who are not showing any mercy.

Hours after the news broke about the killings rocking the island and the gender of the latest victims. Many have taken to social media to denounce the barbaric nature of the crimes being perpetrated against women. Among those adding their voices to the outcry are two of Jamaican’s most popular deejays, as both Tommy Lee Sparta and Beenie Man are outraged at the wanton and senseless killings of our women barely out of their teens.

Friday’s police blotter revealed three women killed in Trelawny and one each in Spanish Town, Naggo, and Dunkirk. Tommy Lee Sparta, who is currently behind prison walls, expressed his dismay and horror in an Instagram post with a video of a child with the caption across it stating, “it’s up to you.”

In the video, the little boy talks about how one can do anything if one has the will to do it and change. The “Hard Ears” entertainer wrote, “Young ladies and gentleman, we need a change. D country needs help. Time to meet the police dem halfway and fix the crime. Me nah stop til it fix. Yah know.”

Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

Sparta fans fully endorse his sentiments as one offered, “That’s what it will take. The people respect the artist more than the politician. If they say peace and put it in music then we will have peace.”

While Tommy Lee called for people to assist the police in doing their job, the “King of the Dancehall” issued his own proclamation. Beenie Man feels that enough is enough as the bloodletting needs to be quelled as soon as possible. “What’s the crime plan for Jamaica? How the man dem a deal wid the woman dem so?” He asked in a recent tweet.

One fan commented, “It starts with every single one of us. We need to start pushing for the change we want and being it. Stop begging bly for the small man and stop letting the big man off. Nobody is too big or small to go to jail.”

Popcaan also sound off on the rise in the killing of women specifically.

“I would love to know what causing these war and senseless killing, it nuh look good!” Popcaan tweeted. “It’s sad and frustrating, man them killing kids for what reason? Killing so much woman for what reason? Killing 60 year old woman?? Tr888 up f***ry this man them affi fixtings.”

Popcaan ignited a debate among other concerned Jamaicans sounding off on the alarming crime stats.

“These Youths lock Motivation, Inspiration, Vision, Leadership,” one of his followers wrote. “So sad most of these Family members are keeping silent and covering up these killers. The friends and girlfriends who also brag and cover up for them. Where are they getting money from to support these GANGS?”

“Most times people know who these monsters are!” another person said. “It is sickening! Like, we need to stop protecting these aliens. I know we living in a sinful world but, we need to find a way to lower the crime rate because we can’t stop crime.”