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NBA YoungBoy’s Mother Has A Question For His 7 Baby Mothers

NBA YoungBoy
NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy’s mother is asking a questioning aimed straight at his 7 baby mothers.

NBA YoungBoy’s mom is being trolled online after insinuating that baby mamas think they have more rights than others in family situations. It seems that she might have had enough of the drama surrounding her rapper son and his more than half dozen baby mothers who are always beefing over the young rapper. Her question, which read, “why do baby mamas think they have more rights than the girlfriend or wives,” was met with ridicule by online users who trolled her for her son’s behavior and his lifestyle.

Sherhonda Gaulden is the mother of NBA YoungBoy and grandmother to his eight children, seven of which are biologically his and the eight he raised from birth, and said he will continue to raise even though a paternity test determined that he is not the father.

Gaulden’s son is only 21 years old but started having children when he was only 16 years old. His oldest child was born in 2016, and he has continued to procreate regularly with various women- the youngest children coming only mere months apart from Yaya Mayweather and Drea Symone.

Many of the baby mothers have spent time in the past fighting over NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Jr.

Fans, however, think that NBA YoungBoy’s behavior comes from his mother as the question was toxic. “Now y’all need to stop blaming him as you can see he get it from his momma lol,” one person commented on the question reposted by the Shade Room.

“Why don’t more mothers raise their sons to be husbands before fathers?” another asked.

“why does your son have 7 baby mamas is a better question…I mean they outnumber the girlfriend/wife common sense,” another asked.