Wendy Williams Speak Out About Death Of Her Mother Shirley Williams

The celebrity gossip show host managed to keep her mother’s passing a secret as she continued with her life as normal. During Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she emotionally disclosed her mother died surrounded by her loved ones.

She emotionally disclosed that her mom died many weeks ago, without disclosing the exact date. “my mom passed away many many many weeks ago…you know how during Corona, during the world topsy turvy, people starving and people outta jobs jobs, just everybody’s life is something new…you know how you lose track of the time, day and date? It was a long time ago. “

She added that she died peacefully with her family by her side. First of all she passed away beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love. She didn’t suffer not one bit, thank goodness.”

As if anticipating the news being a shock to fans and followers, she added, “please it’s not like I don’t cry, I just don’t in front of you regarding this particular thing.”

During the segment on the show, she was speaking about her all-black outfit and as she affectionately spoke of her mother, who she also said helped to pick out her outfit.

She said she had a wonderful relationship with her mother, reflecting that they both often acted like teenage girls around each other. “gone is the best mother, the best girlfriend, that a girl could ever have. I feel fortunate that I had her in my life all of my 56 years,” she managed to say without choking up.

Williams’ mother was 85 years old. She and her husband, Thomas Williams, raised three children – Wanda, Wendy, and Thomas Jr.