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Metro Boomin Flames DJ Akademiks Over Billionaire Donation Tweets

Metro Boomin went off on DJ Akademiks for posting his tweets about billionaire donations.

DJ Akademiks’ choice to transfer screen captures of Metro Boomin’s ongoing tweets prompted a computerized dispute between the two open figures. Metro shielded the very rich people against critics that had an issue with the super-affluent, just giving a huge number of dollars to help individuals influenced by the coronavirus crisis. Akademiks didn’t post the entirety of Metro’s tweets about that subject to his Instagram account, and the Boominati Worldwide author tended to the IG exclusions.

“You trying to be slick only posting a few of the tweets. I’m not for negativity. Just keep me off of your gossip page all together please,” wrote Metro Boomin in Ak’s comment section. Akademiks fired back, “Wondering why u in ur feelings bout this… nobody was being slick. You’re just sensitive.” He also added, “Relax. Ain’t that serious. Seen world star post the same tweet. Don’t see u on their post like that.”

And the dispute didn’t even stop there they were even more responses from the two parties, “@metroboomin stop being sensitive n*gga. Ain’t nobody being slick. WorldStar posted the same thing … go look AINT see u under their post having a [hissy fit]. Block me [I don’t care]. Gonna post what I want still,” typed Akademiks.

This may or may not cause their relationship to be damaged; hopefully, they can squash this argument and go back to be friends only time will tell.