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Post Malone Shook Fans After Video Went Viral Showing Him Acting Bizarre On Stage

Post Malone left some fans shook after a video from his performance last night went viral.

With the numerous cases of death or near-death experiences as a result of overdoses, it’s sad to see another young entertainer being thrown into the spotlight for something similar. Rapper Post Malone displayed a few behaviors that have since caused his fans to question if he was under the influence of controlled substances during his performance. A fan video has been making the rounds on social media, which shows the “Rockstar” rapper performing a show in the US. The rapper then takes a tumble and even begins to roll on the floor while he continues the performance of his single “Fall Apart.”

Fans all over the world are expressing their fears that the 24-year-old may have been going through a lot more than his emotions while performing. Through his strong connections with the beer company Budlight and his regular shots with a drink in hand, whether off and on the stage, it is clear that Post loves to knock a few bottles. However, some fans are convinced that his recent actions are from something more than alcohol. “Whether you’re a fan or not, I truly believe Post Malone needs some serious help. People are saying that it’s just because “he’s drunk” that’s way more than alcohol. #PostMalone,” wrote one Twitter user.

While the performance seems way over the top than his usual stuff, a few of his fans are seeing it as just a part of the act. According to his manager DJ Carnage, “He’s just vibin.” He told fans what they were seeing was “not that serious.” That was the same interpretations that Dre London provided after watching the video.

Hip hop fans are rightfully on edge following the death of Juice WRLD only a couple months ago from an overdose of pills. Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was also taken from fans last month after he was gunned down in Los Angeles.

Post Malone has not yet commented on the viral video, but he is usually very honest about his drug habits. For example, when he told GQ about he had “a pot-induced anxiety attack that never completely subsided.”