Dancehall veterans Mr. Vegas and Lady Saw Butt Heads Over Religion

It seems Mr. Vegas is undaunted in what appears to be a quest of his to provoke Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, aka Queen of Dancehall. On Saturday night Vegas posted a photograph of the former Dancehall artiste and captioned it: “I am gonna tell my kids that this is the Dancehall Queen for life.”

“Mi post this 3 hours ago and 2 hours after, the QUEEN was Onstage shading me…(LOL). I did not even know the QUEEN was gonna be on Onstage this week, but this is just proof that LOVE always conquer shade. Religion has blinded you Goddess, you can’t see the love we who have discovered the truth have for you. We are just trying to lift you outta the spell of indoctrination. Love you Queen Lady Saw,” he added.

Mr. Vegas’ post came in response to comments made by Marion Hall on the television entertainment program Onstage on Saturday night, where she fingered him as one of her detractors after host Winford Williams said Vegas had called for her to re-embrace her Dancehall catalogue, as she could be making a lot more money than she is a present.

Lady Saw now know as Marion Hall

But Hall responded that she was still wealthy and even declared that “mi still a wear mi high end shoes caw mi serve a high end God”.

“When yuh tek on Christ I believe you tek on Satan an him entourage. So di battles are gonna come…Vegas was talking, I think it was because he said he was gonna serve the Lord and him couldn’t manage,” Hall said as she and Williams burst out into laughter.

“Suh him a look company fi draw mi out. But, no Devil inna hell caa draw mi out. I am persuaded dat needa dead, nor life nor angel nor principality, nor nuh devil inna hell. Mi duh enough sin inna life and God already wash mi… Nuh pay dem no mine yah; dem waa attention,” she said. “Right now Satan a gi bare trouble enuh. Mi a seh: ‘how him teck special interest inna mi suh?”

Last month in one of his monologues which was subsequently removed from Instagram, Vegas said superstars like Lady Saw and Kanye West who have converted to Christianity should return all the money and possessions that they earned whilst making secular music which they now claim, was a time when they were ‘doing the work of the Devil.’

Vegas said if the artistes are true believers in Christ, they would have no issue parting with their riches, as all their wants and needs would be still taken care of.

“You seh it outta yuh mouth seh a Satan gave it to you. Give it back. Jesus is coming soon. Don’t let Jesus come ketch oonu with any possession dat Satan gave to you,” he said.

“If Satan gave yuh all these tings, why now that you turn Christian yuh still holding on to it? You need to give back all of these money that Satan gave you. Kanye West, Lady Saw all oonu wh claim seh oonu used to work for Satan. Oonu nuh need to hold on to the possessions that Stan gave you; let dem go; give dem back. Because if you really, really believe inna Jesus and really believe inna God, you fi have faith fi seh ‘Mi a guh start ova; mi a gi weh mi house, mi car, everything… nuttn weh mi buy wid Satan money mi nuh want it,” Vegas added.