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Megan Thee Stallion Iced Tristan Thompson Dating Rumors

Megan Thee Stallion is putting some distance between her and Tristan Thompson.

If you’ve spotted a glance at Megan Thee Stallion’s latest Twitter post, you’ll see that the rapper is looking glam in a series of Marilyn Monroe-inspired pics that have the caption, “Look in the mirror, I’m madly in love.” In love, you say? Maybe, but it’s definitely with herself. The 24-year-old has dismissed rumors that she is involved with Tristan Thompson. According to reports, the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper has been dating the Cleveland Cavaliers player in secret, and he has invited her to his next game in New York City.

As you may recall, Thompson is embroiled in the aftermath of a bit of a love triangle at the moment. It was revealed a few months ago that the NBA player had cheated on his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian with her half-sister’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, while she was pregnant with the couple’s daughter True.

Although the drama has died down since Thompson and Kardashian split, the rumor bill certainly hasn’t.

That said, Stallion is here for none of it! Likely tied to the whole debacle because she is friends with Woods, Meg took to social media to address those rumors before they spiral into their own reality show.

“Lol they literally made up a whole LIE I was at knicks game with my manager and my friends Ej,” the Huston native tweeted in response to a fan who wrote, “Sue BSO cause they outchea lying on you.”

In response to another Twitter user who stated that she “must’ve worn that boy out,” Stallion was quick to shoot it down: “What In the f*ck are you talking about. I wish y’all would stop making sh*t up I don’t even know that n*gga.”

Meg concluded by tweeting, “If I ain’t claiming him, he ain’t mine… SIMPLE.”

And there you have it.