Burna Boy Pays Homage To Nigeria In “Another Story” Video Ft M.anifest

African artiste Burna Boy released his music video for his track ‘Another Story’ featuring M.anifest and the reception has been amazing.

The new visuals give us a deeper look at Nigerian history and culture. In the music video, we see several children seated with black blindfolds on with words printed in white. Words like ‘Colonialism’, ‘Justice’, ‘Greed’, ‘Fear’, ‘Politics’, ‘Tribalism’ and more. During the history lesson in the intro, we hear about the Nigerian take over back in the 1900s by Great Britain. It’s said that the Britain Government paid £865,000 to the Niger Company to take over the territories.

A fan in the comments pointed out that “The Brits have such a devilish history man always the centre of everyone’s problems and affairs.”

In the song, Burna Boy goes on to talk about what political leaders tell us verses what the real story is. “They want make we all enter one corner, shebi o / ‘Cause e be lie them dey tell me since I was a baby o / All the times them go promise and fail o / We don dey, we dey slim them dey shade o.”

The rest of the video followed a story of riots and chaos. ‘Another Story’ is one of the biggest political statements we’ve heard from a mainstream African artiste in a while. Fans have been raving over the powerful track and visuals. “I love that Burna makes statements with his music and visuals,” one fan wrote. “Who else thinks Burna deserves a Grammy for this?” another fan asked. A keen observer also mentioned, “This what happens when Afrikan artist control their own content and tell it the way it is,” the fan said.

The music video is fast approaching its first million views in less than 48 hours. Find out why – check out Burna Boy’s ‘Another Story’ featuring M.anifest.