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Love & Hip Hop: Safaree Bought Erica Mena A G-Wagon Couple Back Together

Erica Mena and Safaree reunite

Erica Mena should get cheated on more often because Safaree pulled all the stops to get her back.

The Love and Hip Hop couple was rocked by a cheating scandal last weekend but now they’re back together. Safaree Samuels went all out to try and get back his girl and that Jamaican men charm worked. Not only did he pleaded with her on Twitter to take him back, but he also bought her a brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon as a take me back gift.

Erica Mena showcased the new ride on her Instagram on Monday where she told her fans that she will need to start driving now. “Okay now I guess I gotta drive,” she wrote while posing for a pic beside her new ride. These SUVs retail for around $125,000 and can go as high as $160,000 with added options.

On Sunday, Erica Mena posted some roses she received from Safaree. This was after she destroyed the previous ones that he sent her. She explained on Twitter that she ignored all the chatters from her female fans and took back her man because he goes above and beyond to make her happy.

“I would never take advice from a woman who’s never had a man move mountains just to make her happy. Never take advice from a woman who never had a man actually do whatever it takes when in the wrong, let alone daily even in the right,” she tweeted.

“Sadly being apart of the public eye people assume all day long. And living your life like everyone back fires on you. It’s apart of the game granted but the truth is no matter how public one is you NEVER will really know like y’all think y’all do.,” she continues.