21 Savage Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuit For Bailing On Club Gig

21 Savage pic

21 Savage legal troubles just keep piling up.

While he escaped deportation, for now, 21 Savage is now learning that everyone whom he ever had any runnings with are gunning for his head. So far, his lawyers have been able to score some victories in court, but that isn’t deterring anyone from going after him legally. The Atlanta rapper is being sued for $1 million for bailing on a club gig back in 2016, TMZ reported. The case might sound familiar to you because it is the same case that landed the “Bank Account” rapper back in jail because of an outstanding warrant.

The news comes just weeks after a Georgia District Attorney dropped the case against him, referring to it as a civil matter. Concert promoter Sadaetirs Kent Smith has now formally filed a lawsuit against 21 Savage to recoup his lost earnings after claiming that the rap star bailed on him after he paid $16,500 in advances for a performance in September 2016.

Smith says 21 Savage never performed and never returned his deposit, so he filed a police report and cops put out a warrant for the rapper’s arrest for theft by deception.

Smith is asking for $1 million for breach of contract and other damages for his emotional distress.