Beenie Man Daughter Blast His Girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson “I Dislike Her”

Beenie Man eldest daughter Deshagaye “Desha Ravers” Davis has some serious issues with his girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson.

Beenie Man has been in the news a lot these days and all for the wrong reasons. From his gross disrespect of Popcaan and his mother then having had to walk it back, to rumors of his death spreading on social media. Now his outspoken daughter Desha Ravers, who is a member of the Ding Dong lead Ravers Clavers crew, is speaking out against his relationship with Krystal Tomlinson. Surprisingly, she says she likes D’Angel.

Desha was asked in an interview if she thinks that Beenie Man should’ve danced with his estranged wife D’Angel at her birthday bash earlier this month and she said absolutely yes. “I think he should’ve danced with her still,” the dancer said.

“Mi no too like Krystal still,” Desha added before explaining the reasons why she doesn’t like her step-mom. “Well for one, she is my age so I am not going to have no type of respect for her at no point, and two, she never tried to build a relationship with me, she just tried to be an enemy with me.”

Desha Ravers put Beenie Man on blast last year when she criticized his parenting skills while also hinting that the dancehall legend thinks she is not his child. “Mi just think him need fi step up him thing,” she said. “Him a mek whole heap a luu moves suh him just need fi start be a man, a father and everything inna one now. The person weh everybody know out a road a nuh the person weh me know.”

Beenie Man responded a few weeks later in his song “Twingy Twanga” where he expressed his love for his daughter. Desha Ravers is making a name for herself in dancehall as a prolific dancer in the famous Ravers Clavers dance crew.