Meek Mill Facing Even More Prison Time For Probation Violation

Meek Mill could find himself back behind bars for probation violation and this time he could go away for a long time.

The Philly rapper’s next court date is set for Monday (Nov. 6) where he will find out his fate. Meek has violated his probation at least twice this year, TMZ reported. He has been on probation for a 2008 weapons and drug conviction where he served some time and was released on strict probation. Last year he served about three months on house arrest for violating said probation by traveling out of state with permission.

His two violations this year are much more serious and could land him in prison for up to two years. Back in March, Meek Mill allegedly got into an altercation with an employee at the St. Louis International Airport who was reportedly trying to get a picture with him. That case was recently dismissed after the victim moved to drop the case. There are some rumors that Meek might have paid the victim some dough to drop the case.

In August this year, Meek Mill was arrested in New York City for riding his bike and illegally stunting on the streets while shooting a music video. Last month, he struck a deal with prosecutors to have the case dismissed and wipe clean off his records if he do community service stay out of trouble for at least six months. According to reports, a judge has already indicated to Meek Mill and his attorney that one more wrong move and he will be put back behind bars.

While he awaits his court hearing on Monday, Meek Mill is pushing some good press by bringing 35 kids in Philadelphia to the Sixers game yesterday where the home team won.